A milestone in the history of kitchen knives by Boker. Completely hand-made these unique works of art thrill every lover of high-quality cutlery from the Solingen manufacture. At the behest of Boker, the well-known knife-maker Jens Ansø from Denmark has designed a puristic and purely functional knife concept for demanding users. Its clear lines and outstanding ergonomics are convincing. The knife is perfectly balanced, makes short work of any cutting you need, and honed to razor sharpness. The mono steel variant made of the powder metallurgical high-performance steel CPM-154 stands out compared to conventional steel due to its outstanding edge retention and is among the absolute top premium kitchen knives. We guarantee a long-lasting edge even after intensive use. The innovative and extremely durable scale material G10 is a glass-fiber-reinforced high-tech plastic which can endure great stress despite its lightness. Due to its outstanding grip both when dry and when wet, this material is great for the kitchen. The Boker Pure line sets new standards and its puristic and functional approach and first-class materials make pure eye-candy for your kitchen.

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