Arne, an ancient Nordic name describing the center of the home, namely the kitchen fireplace. A place to gather the family and friends for warmth, good food and joy. Incidentally Arne is also an old nordic boys name meaning “eagle”.
Due Cigni® The ARNE line designed by Danish knife maker and designer Jens Anso shows distinctly danish designs combined with Italian tradition, with sweeping lines and curved handles designed to reduce fatigue in heavy use situations. As is customary for Ansø designs, the top priority is placed on perfect functionality. The design concept for the various blade shapes instantly impresses demanding cooking enthusiasts.
Each blade is constructed of one-piece of 12C27 stainless steel from Sandvik/Sweden. It has been proven in millions of applications and is significantly superior to conventional chef’s knife steels in terms of hardness and edge-holding characteristics. The handle scales of the full-tang design are fabricated from attractive Ziricote wood, feel exceedingly good to the touch, while also providing an appealing, warm contrast to the cool, Nordic blade design.

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