Condor – Moonshiner Knife


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Large Heavy Duty Outdoor Knife

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Moonshiner Knife

Big tasks require a sturdy blade. Condor’s Moonshiner knife is up to some pretty sizable chores. The heavy duty drop point blade is made of durable 1075 high carbon steel. It has a sharpened top edge so that this blade is equipped for piercing, slicing, and chopping tasks. The full-tang construction uses brass pins for quality and workmanship that will last. The hardwood scales offer a comfortable grip and the knife is well balanced in the hand. There is a lanyard hole in the end, and the knife comes with a leather sheath with attached belt loop for easy carry. This is a hard working blade that you’ll find dozens of uses for.


CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE® traces its proud history back to 1787, the year GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY was founded in Solingen, Germany.

The quality of the swords, military knives, agricultural tools, and household cutlery they manufactured made Solingen the cutlery capital of the world. Over the generations, the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives found it necessary to expand operations to other countries to better serve its customers.

In 1964, IMACASA® was founded by GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY in Santa Ana, El Salvador, with a production facility and state of the art German equipment, sending some of their local employees to Solingen for extensive training.  IMACASA’s Central American operations were sold in the 1980’s to local investors.

IMACASA® has more than 56 years of experience in the manufacturing and wholesale of hardware tools for the agriculture, construction, lawn and garden, and industrial markets. It has a manufacturing and distribution footprint throughout Central America, exporting to more than fifty countries around the world, and providing a stable source of employment in the region.  Today, IMACASA® is one of the largest machete and shovel manufacturers in the world, operating continuous shifts to fill an increasing worldwide demand for its products.

In 2004, IMACASA® developed a first quality line of tools and knives for the North American and European outdoor markets. CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE® was born.  Today, CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE® is turning out the finest quality machetes, knives, axes, shovels, swords, spears, and other accessories.  Its Vision is to be the leading company in the marketing and selling of first quality tools and knives in the Sporting Goods market. CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE® has a quality management system certified under the ISO 9001:2015 norm that ensures the quality of its products and processes, and lives by the following organizational Values: Passion, Authenticity, Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus, and Social Conscience.

STOCK:                 CTK235-9HC

BLADE:                  229 mm

OAL:                      375 mm

THICKNESS:         5 mm

WEIGHT:              660 g

MATERIAL:          1075 High Carbon Steel

FINISH:                 Polished

GRIND:                 Full Flat w/ Second Bevel

TYPE:                     FIXED KNIFE

HANDLE:              Walnut

SHEATH:               Hand Crafted Welted Leather

PACKING:            Carton Box

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