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Perforated Round Pizza Tray – Blue steel

Size: 32cm

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Perforated Round Pizza Tray with low edge in heavy blued iron, ideal for cooking and serving pizza, tarts, quiches, puff or shortbread pastry, tart bases, roasting…

  • Perforations: shape, size and dispersion designed to optimise the flow of hot air.
  • 10 mm diameter perforation
  • Excellent heat transmission: Maillard reaction facilitated for crispy golden pastries.

Blue colour due to a surface thermal treatment: temporary protection against oxidation; no non-stick coating.

  • Extremely robust tray: remains perfectly flat.
  • Tip: to be combined with a mat or baking paper, grease well before use.
  • Do not use to work with cold ingredients.

Care: scrape, brush after use. Lightly grease to protect iron. Store in a dry place.
Not dishwasher-safe. Do not wash with detergents.The 2mm-thick surface creates a screen with the heating source, thereby ensuring the food is easy to digest. This wok has two side handles so that it takes up less space on the hob and in when being stored. The product is 100% natural, 100% recyclable, guaranteed coating-free. The blue colour of iron is due to a thermal treatment that provides pans with temporary protection against oxidation during storage and transport. Blued iron undergoes a seasoning process, it gets darker and naturally non-stick the more it is used. The wok is suitable for any cook top, including induction, but only at moderate heat.

SIZE: 32cm

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