De Buyer – French Chef’s Knife – FK2


Traditional French Chef’s Knife


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The De Buyer FIBRE KARBON 2 (FK2) knife range is designed to be the ultimate blend of toughness, sharpness, functionality and value for real working chefs and serious gourmet cooks! The FK2 ranges has 11 different blade shapes catering for all possible knife needs.

The FRENCH CHEFS KNIFE is your all-round kitchen knife. Perfect for cutting or chopping, this knife is needed in every serious kitchen!

The De Buyer FK2 range is made in France and focus on the following:

  • HARDNESS: German X50CrMoV15 stainless steel hardened and tempered to HRC56 is used for the blades. This makes them hard for edge retention and tough for edge durability.
  • REBALANCE SYSTEM: the balance of each knife can be adjusted by altering the counterweights in the knife.
  • UNIQUE BLADE GEOMETRY: a fine grind between the thick German blades and light Japanese blades to bring strength and sharpness together.
  • ROBUST HANDLE: Dynamic and ergonomic made from Carbon Fiber Composite providing a strong durable grip
  • SOLID AND STRONG: thick tang with a one piece bolster.

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21cm, 26cm

The French Chef's Knife comes in 2 sizes in the FK2 range:

French Chef's Knife - 21cm

Total Length: 36cm

Blade Length: 21cm

Weight: 0.28 kg

Blade Material: X50CrMoV15 German Steel

French Chef's Knife - 26cm

Total Length: 41cm

Blade Length: 26cm

Weight: 0.35 kg

Blade Material: X50CrMoV15 German Steel


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