De Buyer – Stainless Steel Universal Lids


Glass lid with stainless steel handle for Country Pans.


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The de Buyer stainless steel lid was designed to fit the Mineral B Frypans. The lid sits on-top of the pan, therefore creating a cover. It does not fit snug onto the pan.

  • Reinforced material for more stability
  • Robust, but not too heavy
  • Stainless steel handle from de Buyer: easy to pick up and put down on the handle – avoids water stains on the work surface.
  • Highly polished top.
  • Made in France


Small – 20-24cm pans

Medium – 26-28cm pans

Large – 30-32cm pans

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Small 20-24cm, Medium 26-28cm, Large 30-32cm

Small - 20-24cm pans - 25cm - 0.8mm thick

Medium - 26-28cm pans - 29cm - 0.8mm thick

Large - 30-32cm pans - 34cm - 0.8mm thick