Dedicated Braai Knife – DBK PRO


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Our Dreem Fire FUEGO DBK (Dedicated Braai Knife) Series is a collaboration with Joe 1 Knife and us to develop the ultimate Dedicated Braai Knife.

The complete set is a Knife + Honing Spike + Leather Sheath

We challenged ourselves (dreemFIRE & Joe 1 Knife) to create a knife series specifically for over-the-fire-cooking and all the related tasks.

This knife lives up to our tough standards of  Durability, Usability, Quality and Purpose. We tested the shape and design for more than 8 months before launching.

The FUEGO DBK is your go-to knife. The blade is great for carving meat, but at the same time it is tough enough to take on your next hunting trip. The double finger grip gives you extra control when working carcasses on a hunt, or when slicing through fatty steaks and spits. The handle has also been designed with a small finger grove to help your grip when peeling potatoes.

Care: Wash by hand. DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER. Dry quickly after washing.

The Knife

Blade: Full Tang N690 Bohler Cobalt Stainless Steel

Handle: African Black Wood Or Wild Olive

Special Features: High grip handle designed for braaing

Full Length: 33cm

Blade Length: 21cm

Blade thickness: 5 – 1.2mm

The Honing spike

The purpose of the honing steel is to maintain you edge angle. Our steel is smooth, as it can also be used as a fork when carving. The sharp point is specially designed for this. You need to eagerly use the steel to maintain your edge to always have a sharp braai knife.

Material: silver steel (not stainless steel)

Handle: African Black Wood Or Wild Olive

The Sheath

Full grain bovine hand stitched leather, the sheath design has a welt and moisture barrier to give a better fit to the blade and protect against moisture.
Dangler belt loop for easy carry.

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Wild Olive Wood, African Black Wood, Pink Ivory Wood