De Buyer – Mineral B PRO – Country Pan


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Mineral B PRO steel country pan.

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De Buyer is world famous for its steel pans! The Mineral B PRO range is the most premium of the Mineral B range. This range comes standard with a stainless steel handle which makes the pan suitable for oven cooking. The Country Pan is a deeper pan and is perfect for deep frying or serving pasta in.

We have chosen to stock this pan as it is robust and durable!

The Mineral B range has excellent heat-conducting properties. The pans are coated with a beeswax finish to protect them from oxidation before initial use. They will build up natural non-stick properties over time from gradual seasoning. The pans have a French style handle which is riveted onto the pan.

First use (seasoning your frying pan):

  • Clean your pan with very hot water to remove the beeswax. Then dry well.
  • Pour about 1cm of cooking oil into the pan and heat. Wipe the oil around the pan so that the full surface is covered. Heat for about 5 minutes at a medium to high temperature. Remove from heat if the oil starts to smoke.
  • Pour off the oil and wipe away any excess with a paper towel.
  • Your pan is now ready for use! It will continue to season and develop non-stick properties the more you use it.
  • Your pan will darken over time.

Cleaning after use:

  • Wash the frying pan with very hot water and a sponge, and wipe dry. Do not use detergents or place in dishwasher.
  • To store, wipe oil over the surface with a paper towel and put away in a dry place.
  • Do not leave your pan to soak.
  • Re-season your pan from time to time.

Additional information


20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 32cm 2 handles

  • 28cm Country Pan
    • Pan size: 28cm
    • Volume: 4 lts
    • Pan depth: 8.7cm
    • Thickness: 2.5mm
    • Weight 2.49 kg