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The steak rack is perfect for any meat that you want to slow-cook or get the fat nice and crispy.

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This is a must-have for every braai lover! We all know that to prepare the perfect T-bone you need to braai it standing! The T-bone rack is designed to help you braai the perfect steak! By starting with the bone to the bottom, and then rotating your steak as it cooks, you should end with crispy melted fat and juicy meat on the inside!

These racks can be used with any cut of meat that you would like to get crispy melted fat!

Laser cut and bent from 3mm stainless steel, our braai racks have no joints or welding. Each rack comes in an individual cotton bag making them a perfect gift!


How To: Use the T-bone Rack

Additional information

Weight .85 kg

Material: Food-grade 3mm Stainless Steel

4-Slot T-bone Rack:

Has 4 slots to place your meat in. Each slot is 42mm wide.

Size: 28.5cm (length) x 14cm (width) x 11cm (height)


6-Slot T-bone Rack:

Has 6 slots to place your meat in. Each slot is 42mm wide.

Size: 38.5cm (length) x 14cm (width) x 11cm (height)


5 reviews for T-Bone Rack – 4 Slot

  1. Stefan de Villiers (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing this rack for a while and when it came on special, I jumped and ordered 1, in retrospect, I should have ordered 2! The rack is exceptionally sturdy and well made. I haven’t had the opportunity to try a decent sized T-bone, but I have done a “reverse sear” Sirloin on the bone and it turned out beautifully tender. The rack easily fits in the dishwasher and the bends (instead of welds) ensures that the rack comes out sparklingly clean.

    The products aren’t cheap, but like anything – you get what you pay for. I’ve been recommending (i.e. bragging 🙂 ) with my rack since I received it.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Liezel B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality. I am not sure if one can buy a rack that has smaller slots as the slots are rather wide resulting in very ‘far’ T-bones. Otherwise, super happy. Great service and a great product.

  5. Andre Botha (verified owner)

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