Fire Lighter – Elephant dung balls


Long lasting fire lighter

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Green product, Eco Friendly Great Dung Balls of Fire.
Great Dung Balls of Fire Firelighters (Patented) was established in 2018 by Kevin Senekal with nature
conservation and anti‐ poaching as the main drive behind the product.
Great Dung Balls of Fire Firelighters consists of dried‐out elephant dung cured with our
flammable additive (Patented) which burns for 35 minutes.This makes the product perfect for
whenever you need a great ball of fire.
Able to flame grill meat! Add flavour to your meat when smoked.
Smells like fresh African rain.

General purpose of the Great Dung Balls of Fire Firelighters, but not limited to:
General braai ignition fire starters / lighters.
General fireplace ignition fire starters / lighter.
General outdoor woodless fire replacement for quick cooking (Examples: flame grilling meat,
adding fantastic flavour to meat when smoked, boiling of water, frying eggs, etc.) Up to 35 min.
(O‐zone and environment friendly wood substitute)

Our product is currently selling successfully in any shop.(contact us for affordable price enquiries)
– Pack Size = 24 p/box
– Minimum order (1×24)
– Each unit contains 4 x ignitable Firelighters
– Vacuum packed
– Export cost is negotiable.
– Part of every sale goes to the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit for the Conservation
of elephants
– Each product is handmade and plays a key role in job creation in South Africa.

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